Rainbow Trout Music Festival

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What is Rainbow Trout Music Festival?!


The best time you’ll have all summer… hands down… without a doubt…

THE BEST MUSIC, camping, good friends, Manitoba skies, bon fires, dancing, celebrating, fishing, and so much more.  The RTMF is heading into it’s FIFTH year of operations and has it’s sights set on growing bigger and better to help promote local music and celebrate it at next years festival!!  Nothing is as cool as spending a hot August weekend outdoors partying with all your friends and tons of new ones watching the best new bands that Manitoba has to offer!  Zut Alors!! TROUT!! TROUT!! TROUT!!

As an organization devoted to helping establish local talent…

 The RTMF cooperative promotes and celebrates diversity in local music by hosting the annual RTMF along with smaller events throughout the year.  By including all genres of music the festival offers the opportunity to experience an unmatched cross section of styles available at any single event currently held in Manitoba.  RTMF is devoted to highlighting the high level of quality that exists in local music of all types.  Its unique programming inspires audiences, rejuvenates artists, stimulates the industry and forges productive relationships between musicians and their audience. 

 As an important part of Manitoba’s culture…

 The festival site features camping for all attendees, ample room for food vendors and craftspeople, a hand built stage, and open water for swimming and the fishing derby.  By partnering with a small community in Manitoba the RTMF gives an annual boost to the local economy as well as a point of pride for the residents.  It also introduces some of Winnipeg’s urban population to the beauty of rural Manitoba and encourages them to explore it more thoroughly.

 As a not for profit driven festival….

RTMF operates through revenue generated at its fundraising events, grants from local and national arts organizations and by the generously donated efforts of the organizing committee and its volunteer staff.  The RTMF maintains its focus on community development and stimulating the local music industry.

 As an integral part of our community…

The RTMF is a community oriented organization that strives to welcome people of all ages and walks of life to its events.  It creates a unique and diverse festival experience that fosters communication between disparate communities within Manitoba’s music scene.  By organizing itself through volunteers from the same community it attracts, the RTMF understands what its attendees want, and how to work with them to create it.